Winter months bring lots of different weather. TIMEOUT CONCIERGE SERVICES will be here during rain, sleet, snow and available to help you weather the storms. It may be to secure a plumber for a simple leak in your home. We may have to get a snow removal company that can plow your driveway so people will think your home is occupied. You may receive a notice that your heat is not working properly if you have a wifi thermostat. We can get in touch with an HVAC company to get you up and running properly. We may have to call someone to inspect your crawlspace due to an unwanted animal or water creeping in. Winter is a great time of year to clean out and organize your closets. We can assist you with this and make sure you are not stressed over something you wouldn’t do on your own. TIMEOUT CONCIERGE SERVICES is only be a phone call away and a service you can trust. Not able to be home when you need a service call make sure you have our number (302) 727-5298.

Winter cold and snow maintenance


  • Snow removal and shoveling
  • Heat vents cleared outside
  • Change furnace filters every 3 months
  • Monitor heat
  • Check smoke detectors and carbon monoxide to make sure they are all working
  • Check water pipes
  • Start cars that are not being used daily
  • Check caulking around showers and tubs
  • Check crawlspace for damage, water or pests
  • Vacuum out air registers to remove debris and dust
  • Check and flush out your hot water heater and remove sediment that has built up
  • Check meter readings
Winter cold and snow maintenance