Summer maintenance

Summertime has arrived. The beaches are crowded and the boardwalks are hopping. Do not miss out on any or all of the activities in your community. Call TIMEOUT CONCIERGE SERVICES to free up your time and enjoy the summer. Do you need to replace the empty propane tank so you can grill out and have a party? Is your pool filter not working correctly? Was your AC not keeping you and your guests cool? Do you need to declutter your garage so your beach toys can fit? TIMEOUT CONCIERGE SERVICES is only a phone call away.

Are you only here for the weekend and don’t want to waste a minute of your time in line at the grocery store? Did you forget your child has a party invite and you have errands to run? There are so many things to do to get ready for your family and guests. We can help so you can enjoy your company. Do not allow these tasks to ruin your time or your guests vacation. Call TIMEOUT CONCIERGE SERVICES (302) 727-5298.


  • HVAC check up & HVAC- cleaning before the first cold day 
  • Propane tank for grill
  • Monitor air conditioning
  • Interior and exterior painting
  • Monitor landscaping and lawn services
  • Monitor pool services
  • Rinse off all beach "stuff"
  • Clean out all the clutter in your garage
  • Check under your home for leaks
  • Clean shower-heads
  • Clean refrigerator coils


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