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Timeout Concierge Services


A vision that became reality. Prior to becoming full time residents in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware we could only come to our “get away” home at certain times of the year for short periods of time. We worried when there was bad weather, no one to check the mail, about packages or phone books on our front porch. The list went on and on.

When we did get here, with only a day or two window, we often spent beautiful days not being able to go to the beach or make plans with friends because we were waiting for service calls for repairs or deliveries.

When we couldn’t get to Rehoboth for a couple months and wanted someone we could trust to care for our home we had a hard time finding these services. This is how TIMEOUT CONCIERGE SERVICES began. In this fast paced society we live in, time is of the essence. Our mission is to free up your time and use our time to make your life easier.

The two of us worked in higher education for over 32 years. We lived a busy lifestyle. We worked extremely hard and longed for down time here. Living here full time we decided to use our energy and skills to provide you with the comfort we were unable to find. Starting TIMEOUT CONCIERGE SERVICES helps us give back to the community that we now call home. Our intention is to provide a service that will meet your needs when you are unable to be here, when you are on vacation or when you return to your home. TIMEOUT CONCIERGE SERVICES is a trustworthy professional business that will meet the needs of your home services.

We will provide you with the reassurance of knowing your property is receiving the attention it deserves. Our commitment is to put your mind at ease. We will retrieve your mail, place your packages inside, water your plants, wait for a service call, get bids on a project you want and make sure the garbage and recycling is picked up and put away. We can customize our services to fit your needs and provide you with peace of mind. We will correspond with you every time we visit your home.

We are located in Rehoboth Beach. We are close to Lewes, Dewey and Bethany. Whether you are a full time or part time resident we are here for you! Our guarantee is to be on time, professional, dependable and informative.


Concierge service to retrieve your mail, collect your packages, water plants, wait for service calls, get bids on projects and make sure the garbage and recycling are picked up and put away. Licensed, insured and bonded… 100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed.


Shipping the Continental USMaintenance

Timeout Concierge Home and Business Maintenance

We specialize in full maintenance supervision for your lawn care service, pest control appointments, house cleaning, pool maintenance and any other scheduled services that you cannot be available for. Working with your local maintenance specialists or ours, we can make sure everything is covered for you.


Timeout Concierge - Inspections

When you can’t be around for scheduled home, lawn and pest control inspections we will be there. Does your HVAC semi-annual service call need to be covered? We will be available. Give yourself peace of mind. We are only a phone call away.

TitleCustom Services

Timeout Concierge - Custom Services

Custom services are just that, any kind of special attention that you or your property needs that you cannot handle or are unable to do. We can put together a package of TIMEOUT CONCIERGE SERVICES to cover a broad spectrum of personal needs to fit your busy schedule.


• Maintenance supervision – lawn, pest, cleaning, pool etc,.
• Monthly/Weekly/Daily Home inspections
• Oversee and monitor home repairs
• Wait for that special delivery
• Provide moving companies access to your home
• Schedule maintenance projects per your request
• Get bids for a project in your home or on your property
• Build a personal client list of services based on your specific home service needs
• Be available in emergency situations
• Just ask and we can discuss your wants, wishes and needs so you can know your home is cared for like you would want it to be!