The long weekend is over and the fog has set in.....

Hope you enjoyed the long weekend and your time at home or your getaway spot.  Did you find some projects that need to be done around the house?  Did you wish you arrived to a clean, aired out space instead of a house that had been closed up for months that you had to sweep, dust, vacuum and do the windows?

Let TIMEOUT Concierge do all that and then some for you.  Did you wake up this morning to the thick fog that has set in and think, "oh what a shame, but a good day to get some of those projects done around the house"?  Then your next thought was, "but I don't want to do any of the tasks on my list of things to do.  I want to go for a walk, shop and then go to the movies."

Remember our time is your free time.  Let us get those projects done for you around the house OR let us find someone with the expertise to do them right.  Enjoy your day.  Bring out that book you have been wanting to read, sit back and relax and let us get to work!